Retreat in Fall 2025 in Mexico

Peace as a Process Transforming Fear to Authenticity, Connectedness, and Love

with Ingo B. Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, and Jaume Mestres
October 28 to November 6, 2025
Veracruz, Mexico
Costs: 3250 EUR
Languages: English, Spanish


In fall 2025 we offer another retreat in the Gulf of Mexico, near Veracruz. 

We are presenting this retreat because we envision a world of peace. We dare to offer this in a situation where many individuals experience deep life crises, where the world is shattered by wars and exploitations, where the planet and all its nature suffers. We feel that these external conflicts reflect our inner worlds: “Which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below", says an old hermetic law.

We have the vision that it heals the whole evolutionary process when we as individuals become aware of our inner combats, of our brokenness, of shame and fear, and when we accept them in a healing mode. This means to ignite the fire of peace and an understanding what this means. Peace cannot be found individually when I see myself separated from the world. It is the 'ego-for-myself'-force which causes the separation from close ones, from the world’s people and foreign cultures, from the earth and from heaven. To ignite the fire of peace means the understand that the 'ego-myself' is just a phantasy nourished by fears of being lost, broken, and unloved, and by the fear of madness and death. Healing means learning. Healing means extending the consciousness to the unknown. Where the 'ego-for-myself' creates fences and protection, the 'I am' feels part of all the others, part of the nature and the mystery of spirit. Fear transforms to compassion and love. Igniting the fire of peace is what the vedic culture understands as 'bodhi-chitta', 'sat-chit-ananda', the awakening of truth, wisdom, and happiness. ... Read more

Grof Legacy Training

The English speaking group of the Grof Legacy Training started in February 2023.

Due to the enormous interest in the Grof Legacy Training there also is an English speaking training group, which is closed now. The first two modules took place from February 18 to 28, 2023 on the South-Korean island Jeju. 

The Intimacy of Consciousness Exploration and Transpersonal Psychotherapy - Coming Home

This volume brings together the transpersonal psychotherapists and teachers of the Institute to tell their own very personal and intimate explorations of consciousness.

What has the experience of "coming home" meant to them? Has it meant connecting with God, the Divine Feminine, the Cosmos, the Sacred? Has it meant arriving at home in themselves, in their very center, in their essence? Where is home? Is it inside, is it outside, or is it both? All world cultures have stories about this particular place. In addition to describing their own unique quests, the contributors also share how radically such a journey challenged them to face their own vulnerabilities and shadow parts. Various, very different and often startling personal stories are told.

Through reading of the very human trials and psycho-spiritual challenges that these nine international teachers have endured on their journeys home, readers will gain insights and greater understanding regarding their own explorations of consciousness. They will realize that the spiritual journey can have many faces and take many paths. The one thing, however, that all authors have in common, is the longing to be fully and wholly oneself.

Enjoy reading.