The trainings of the International Institute for Consciousness Exploration and Psychotherapy Freiburg can be completed with three different types of certificates:

Green Certificate with a list of the topics of the training

Silver Certificate
To obtain this certificate you have to fulfill the following requirements:

  • Regular participation in the training
  • Supervision, at least 100 hours; individually or as a small group (one day equals 8 hours)
  • Regular participation in a peer group
  • Final thesis

Golden Certificate
The following requirements have to be fulfilled in addition to those for the silver certificate:

  • Proof of 150 hours of psychopathology (this requirement can be fulfilled by appropriate university studies)
  • Another 50 hours of supervision with a supervisor accepted by us in addition to the 100 hours of supervision required for the silver certificate
  • Three (3) years of practical work as a psychotherapist with at least five (5) clients per week

With the golden certificate, the EUROTAS Certificate of Transpersonal Psychotherapy (ECTP) may be obtained very easily.

For reasons of quality assurance, the issuance of a certificate may be withheld or linked to special conditions in duly justified cases.