Trainings with the Institute for Consciousness Exploration

The teachers of the Institute are happy to invite you to join the trainings described below.

Pilot Project II in China (2023-2026)

Ingo Jahrsetz Portrait

Education and a 3-years Training in Transpersonal Psychotherapy, Transpersonal Breathwork (Grof® Breathwork) and Spiritual Guidance

Teachers of the Int. Institute of Consciousness-Exploration in cooperation with the HeZong-Institute (2023-2026)

Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz and Cheng Shaoran are announcing:

Fall 2023 – 2026
Jiaozuo / Yuntai Mountains (Henan, China)

Your Teachers
Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz (Freiburg, Germany)
Magda Solé and Jaume Mestres (Barcelona, Spain)
Bernadette Blin (Paris, France)
Robert Hirsch (Copenhagen, Denmark)
Stefan Dressler (Freiburg, Germany)
Julia Dressler (Freiburg, Germany)
Vladimir and Kristina Maykov (Moscow, Russia)
Olga Mokshina (Volgograd, Russia)
Gennady Brevde (St. Petersburg, Russia)
Regina Hess (Amsterdam, Netherlands)

Next training module takes place in China
November 16, to November 26, 2024
Ingo Benjamin Jahrsetz, Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
English with translation into Chinese

The training consists of six 10-day’s modules in May and November. Additionally, are offered optional modules with selected themes, webinars for process-accompaniment and theory.

Interested therapists and experienced people in the social field will still have the opportunity to participate in the training or in one or another module. Please contact us for more information, click here