Teilnahme an Modul 4 der Ausbildung in Transpersonaler Psychotherapie "The Healing Field"



Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, Modul 4 der obigen Ausbildung zu buchen.
Leitung: Magda Solé, Jaume Mestres
Datum: 2. bis 12. September 2021
Ort: Seminarzentrum Mas Garganta (Garrottxa, Spanien)
Kosten: 1.700 EUR zzgl. Übernachtung und Verpflegung
Sprache: Englisch
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In this course, we will go to the essence of the sacred teachings of indigenous peoples and will see how relevant they are for our way of understanding and acting in our lives, particularly when it comes to finding the sources of our strength.

Shamanism connects with the pillars of humanity and is a required and indispensable topic for the student who is or wants to be a transpersonal psychotherapist.
Shamanism is at the base, at the origin, it is the root of all studies of all religions and even of scientific knowledge itself. We can find its presence in Paleolithic caves that are more than 30,000 years old. Examining the history of humanity in search of good models, we find the mysterious figure of the shaman still active in very remote and distant communities and in the writings of Eliade, Jung, Castaneda, Campbell, Halifax, Harner, Sánchez, Grof or Mindell, among many, many others.

The shaman’s fundamental ability is to mediate between the luminous world and our day-to-day reality, and shamanism is certainly one of the basic creative responses to the questions of our current world situation. The shaman is present in the great moments and mysteries of existence, in the great themes of cross-cultural mythology, like birth, death, the hero’s journey, healing, love, and human suffering. They involve invocation, use of dreams, and visions in order to solve human problems.

Cultivating the inner life is fundamental to the mission of the healer; this aspect has been completely lost in modern medicine.
For a shaman, it is not enough to function within the framework of his technical capacities - as current doctors do. For him, it is necessary to involve the internal world, which includes the knowledge that he has acquired following the spiritual paths of other shamans and guides and listening to the internal voices which always speak to those who want to listen.

Likewise, we will delve into the therapeutic approach of Jungian psychology and that of his most current disciples, such as Metzner, Campbell, Singer, Bolen, Rebillot, or Mindell, integrating (as a tool) the work with Archetypes and with „Imagos“, through dreams and the encounter with the „shadow“. Mircea Eliade defines shamanism as the technique of ecstasy and the shaman as the manipulator of the sacred.