Teilnahme an Modul 6 der Ausbildung in Transpersonaler Psychotherapie "The Healing Field"



Wir laden Sie herzlich ein, Modul 6 der obigen Ausbildung zu buchen.
Leitung: Viktoria Luchetti, Magda Solé
Tutoren: Jaume Mestres
Datum: 1. bis 11. September 2022
Ort: Hof Integra (Oberschöneberg bei Augsburg)
Kosten: 1.700 EUR zzgl. Übernachtung und Verpflegung
Sprache: Englisch
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Why and how exactly do we close our heart in relation to ourselves, in our work or in all-day-life? And what exactly do we need to reopen it?
Basic understanding of emotions: Basic and superficial emotions, levels of emotional activation – 4 (5) patterns of human perception. Emotional intelligence. The heart as the gate way for deeper experiences: Overcoming inner splits (e.g. self interruptive splits, the inner critic). The magic formula of the heart.
Based on a scientific and experiential conceptual perspective I shall assist you in essentially understanding the role of emotions and of your heart. You will recognise the four basic patterns of human perception and experience (Attending/awareness, identification, felt being, letting go from the heart). This will help you to get in touch with what I call your “Central Drama”. In this “drama” we unconsciously try to move towards something (the longing pole) and also away from something (our deepest wound). But unfortunately the contrary happens: we never find what we are longing for and end much more often with what we desperately attempt to avoid. The “central drama” is the key to reach profounder levels of understanding in your personality and reach out to the innermost core of your soul.
In this whole framework we will also deal with different pathological topics, such as depressive and maniac disorders, anxiety and psychosis. The hero's journey can be used as an inner map in mental crisis. The very significant principle of failure and sacrificing will be in the focus. Humor as part of the spiritual journey will play a vital part.
In all of this you will find answers and certainly new questions about how a transpersonal psychotherapist can work from a truly connected, heartful and emotional level. We will use breathing techniques, two-chairs-work, impro-theatre-work, dancing, and meditation.